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My professional journey began as a mixing engineer in various fields spanning music, film and television. Over my career I have garnered experience at renowned facilities in the UK such as Pinewood Studios, Technicolor and Grand Central Recording Studios. I also have a background in music performance, notably as a guitarist and producer for Searching Alaska, a band recognised for our appearance at Download Festival 2013 and winning the Red Bull Prize.

In 2006 I started my venture into recording and mastering records for both personal and collaborative projects. This hands-on experience sparked a deep fascination with the mastering process, leading me to offer mastering services professionally and ultimately specialising in this field.

Clients include Happy Robots Records, Young Society Records, Brighton Electric Studios, Strongroom Studios, Everyday Saints, Black Pines, Daniel Hugh, Gemma Cullingford, The Endearing, Young Empress, Thorisson, BEKIMACHINE, The Droppers Neck, Zach Oliver, roccster, Rodney Cromwell, Crane11 and Pixelstorm 


The Team

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  • Tries his best but sleeps on the job

  • Reminds me to take regular breaks to feed him biscuits

  • Mesmerised by waveforms on the screen


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